The Origins of Stand By Me, A talk with founder Sadasue Shingo

My Reasons for creating the Hostel & Standing bar, “Stand By Me” goes back 10 years..

Back when I was working HR at Kamakura Shirts, I was given a hiring budget increases our student applications up to 10,000 from recruiting sites “Manabi” & “Rikunabi”.

After meeting countless students I came to realize,

They don’t seem happy.

However because at that time my job was to acquire impressive talent, every year there were about 10 individuals who I hired with potential.

As a company I achieved my obligation, but I couldn’t deny the uneasy feeling I began to felt.

Those that come to shape Japan are only 1%? Are the remaining 9,990 just a waste?

This was something I came to ponder after attending “The Way of Dealing with One’s Problems” hosted at Kamacon by the clever Yanagisawa of Kayak.

Once it was decided that Kamakura Shirts would have a New York office, we participated in the well known “Boston Career Fair” for all foreign exchange students.

The participating students shocked me.

Brimming with curiosity.

Overflowing with positivity.

Full of life.

The conference was littered with students holding these values.

If the 9990 students we don’t hire could become like this, how much good they could do.

See, for various reasons there are students who want to go abroad but can’t.


If only there was a place locally where international exchange could occur..

Was the thought that I decided to act upon.

Stand By Me welcomes many travelers from abroad.  These people too are brimming with curiosity, overflowing with positivity and full of life.

The local youth can gather to drink anything, eat anything, all for just 250円 (~$2.50)


By colliding and clashing, “Something new” is born.

Here you’re able to make international friends, here you’ll discover a reason to go abroad. Here the collision of ideas and characters continuously happens.

Its at that time that I know people will surely become lively, happy.


Stand By Me creates linkages between good friends who come to change the to region.

Sadasue Shingo

Blue Sky, Inc.


  • Born on October 21st, 1974 in Kamakura of the Kanagawa Prefecture. Currently resides in Fukuoka City.

  • Previous Managing Director of Kamakura Maker Shirts.

  • Current CEO of Blue Sky, Inc.

  • Conducts Acestudio (photo studio) Management and Event Planning.

  • Moved to Fukuoka in April of 2012

  • Interests: Being close with friends, Traveling, Fashion