A German BoyScout Camps out @ SBM!

Hostel & Standing Bar Stand By Me is always welcoming travelers from across the globe..

These fellow backpackers are full of life, brimming with curiosity and moreover fearless. We like to engage with them to share their stories on why they came to Japan, and especially over to Fukuoka!

Recently Chris from Germany stayed with us. The following is a quick stick sit down we had with the BoyScout from Abroad:

SBM: Thanks for taking a second to speak with us Chris! Can you start of by telling us a bit about yourself?


Hey! Well I'm Chris from Hannover in Lower Saxony, Germany.

SBM: What made you want to travel to Japan, what are you looking to do while here?


Honestly, I came to Japan to drink with Japanese people and eat Japanese dishes. As a BoyScout, initially I came to hike and even hitchhike my way around the country. However after staying at Stand By Me I began to like hostels. I will probably travel by buses and sleep in hostels now.

I didn't bring much luggage, just clothes for Winter that after I'll send back home and then buy new clothes here for the spring and summer.

SBM: What are your travel plans? You started here in Fukuoka (Kyushu), but where are you off to next?


I don't really have a plan, which I really regret not making. But after Fukuoka I went to Hiroshima and am now in Beppu. For sure I will go to the bigger cities like Osaka and Tokyo. I want to find beautiful places. For the rest I'm kinda free and floating.😁

I am also thinking about living in Tokyo or Osaka for like a month (got more time then expected).

SBM: How did you like Fukuoka, how does it differ from the other places you went to??


What is really different and that I'm missing now, is that in Fukuoka people were genuinely interested in conversing. In ever other city most people are really shy and keep their distance from you..

SBM: How did you like staying at Stand By Me?


I REALLY liked the structure and the equipment in the Hostel. The bar helped me to achieve my first aim of drinking with Japanese people. Sadly, I underestimated the communication barrier and couldn't connect with people to the depth I wanted to.

For everyone who comes to Stand By Me, pleasee don't just sleep and eat here! Connect with the people, because they want to connect with you! Even us Europeans😁