The Astute Sonja visits from Munich

Hostel & Standing Bar Stand By Me is always welcoming travelers from across the globe..

These fellow backpackers are full of life, brimming with curiosity and moreover fearless. We like to engage with them to share their stories on why they came to Japan, and especially over to Fukuoka!

Recently Sonja from Germany stayed with us. The following is a quick stick sit down we had with her as she experiences Japan:

SBM: Thanks for taking a second to speak with us Sonja! Can you start of by telling us a bit about yourself?


Hey I'm Sonja from Munic, Germany. Currently I'm an Undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering.

SBM: What made you want to travel to Japan, what are you looking to do while here?


I studied Japanese for a year in college and achieved the chance to travel to a foreign country, studying at Keio

SBM: What about Japan is appealing to you?


Culturally interesting country that makes it possible for a woman to feel safe. Developed, technologically interesting, and opportunities in general (a lot of foreigner friendly programs)

SBM: What are your travel plans? You started here in Fukuoka (Kyushu), but where are you off to next?


After Fukuoka, onwards to Osaka and then hiking in Wakayama, specially the Kumano trail (originally a Pilgrimage path)

(For more information about Kumano Kodo Click Here!

SBM: How did you like Fukuoka, how does it differ from the other places you went to??


Surprisingly relaxed compared to other places.

SBM: How did you like staying at Stand By Me?


It's been comfortable. It's the little things about this place that make it great, a lot of detail. From the art on the wall to the cleverly designed coasters.